Winter DeFine Art Student Showcase


Me, in my student studio; B7

From top left to bottom right; Becky Slivinsky, Ronit Joy Holtz, Nora Harrison, group photo

Nicholas Hlobo exhibition: 'Unyukelo'

Artist talk with Nicholas Hlobo at the SCADMOA

“The artist’s interest in language and the deliberate choice in using his mother tongue, isiXhosa, in titling his work connects to an ongoing interest in skillfully guiding viewers on a journey, letting understanding and reading of his work slip in and out of translation and legibility. The title of the exhibition "Unyukelo" translates directly as "The Ladder" in isiXhosa, which also means ascension. For Hlobo, the connotation is not so much about religion, but more broadly refers to a change in state of consciousness. The artist also articulates an interest in the process of getting lost as a way toward a deeper understanding of one’s environment and place within it. This becomes an apt metaphor of both the process in the artist’s studio while making, as well as a way of navigating and experiencing his installation.”


2019 Winter Showcase

Stephanie Forbes will be showcasing her work in the SCAD Painting Winter Showcase 2019.  This showcase is a group exhibition exhibiting work from the B.F.A. and M.F.A. painting department. Visit her in studio (B-7) located in Alexander Hall.

This event is free and open to the public. 

6pm - 8pm

Alexander Hall
Savannah, GA
668 Indian St


I Dont Mind

I recently helped install this showcase of works by my dear friend and artist Sarah Mabry.

“You can see the structures enough where, if you know what they are, you can see them, but if they’re far enough away, it just looks like an abstract painting,” says Mabry. “The whole metaphor is about covering up with false positivity. That’s how everyone handles things.”

info here: