Stephanie Forbes


Stephanie Forbes is an Augusta, Georgia native currently continuing her studies in Savannah, pursuing a degree in painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Before moving to Savannah, Forbes studies art at the Augusta State University. in 2011, she purchased Gaartdensity Art Gallery in downtown Augusta, GA; managing all gallery operations and hosting monthly showcases featuring various local and nationwide artists. After selling the gallery, Forbes moved to Northern California where she gained diverse experience working as a photo editor for the What I Be Project, graphic design and marketer for Farm Fresh to You, Art Restorer at Postino in Lafayette, and a freelance / commission painter and illustrator.

Forbes' latest work looks to pull from the environment, primarily the low country, by letting nature and the earth's constant and crucial energy influence her work. Her more recent studies of nature have specifically been in water and its relation to the human spirit and the need for healing. By use of paint, mixed media, and video and photo documentation, Forbes hopes to translate the vast potentials of water and its universal physical, emotional, and spiritual effects on humans.

Artist Statement

I am a multidisciplinary artist working in painting, video and photography. Through my use of various media, I immerse the viewer and speak to the multifarious potentials and phenomena of water. My current work studies how water physically and spiritually plays a role on the human self. I investigate water’s symbolism and metaphysical aspects, as humans tend to look toward water for physical and emotional healing; i.e baths for decompression, visits to the ocean to ease stress and relax, etc. We are all made of water and symbolically water is often viewed as the source of life itself (found in many creation myths about primordial waters.) Much of my recent work documents myself and /or my partner in various locations submerged by water. I document ourselves in the ocean letting the waves control the composition and movement in recorded video and pull photos from the recordings to reference and create abstract paintings. I work to see myself or my partner reacting to the movement of the water; Whether we allow the water to move us around, or whether we resist the strength or weakness of the tides. This speaks to our subconscious and unrecognized need to release energy or hold on to something tangible. Water relates to our own existence (the macrocosm mirroring the microcosm and vice versa) as humans by how we give birth, pass on, and associate waters with fluids found in our own body. In my work, I present infinite opportunities to consider the role that water has and can have by how we collectively function as human beings.


2010 / Columbia County Artists Guild Scholarship

2015 / Full Tuition Scholarship to Savannah College of Art and Design


Solo Exhibitions

2018- PURA, Augusta CC, Augusta, GA

2018- Recondite, La Terra, Savannah GA

2018- Healing Watr(e), MRB Co, Savannah GA

2016- Milk and Honey, Sky City, Augusta GA

2016- The Mind Indigenous, Humanitree, Augusta GA

2015- Tensions That Be, Hive, Augusta GA

2015- HER, Sky City, Augusta GA

2015- Accidental Angst, Hire Grounds, Augusta GA

2014- Emily, Sky City, Augusta, GA

2014- The Muses, P&P Gallery, Concord CA

2014- Idols in Retrospect, Blue Wing Gallery, Woodland CA

2014- A Showcase of Recent Works, Ale Industries, Concord CA

2013- Meet the Artist, Adobe Headquarters, San Jose CA

2013- Adobe Headquarters, San Jose CA

2013- Hummingbird, Sudwerk Gallery, Davis CA

2013- Hummingbird, Boheme, Davis CA

2013- Aqueous, Ale Industries, Concord CA

2013- Finding a Way Home, Delta of Venus Gallery, Concord CA

2012- Father Daughter, Gaartdensity Gallery, Augusta GA

2011- A Showcase of Recent Works, Earth Fare, Augusta GA

2011- A Showcase of Recent Works, Good Books, Augusta GA

2011- Femailty, Tim Conway Studios, Augusta GA

Group Exhibitions

2018- DeFine Art, SCAD Alexander Hall, Savannah, GA

2018- Salon Show, Nonfiction Gallery, Savannah, GA

2015- Tim Curry group exhibition, Guerrilla, Los Angeles CA

2014- The Murray Affair, The Public Works, San Francisco CA

2015- Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Anderson Arts Center, Anderson SC

2014- Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Anderson Arts Center, Anderson SC

2013- Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Anderson Arts Center, Anderson SC

2010- Group Exhibition, METRO, Augusta GA


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